I bring order to the massive amounts of information and materials forced your way during the design process. I create the room you want with the materials you choose.  These decisions are brought to you in easily manageable groups in an order that keeps you and the project moving forward to your goal.  I design with your budget in mind.  I deliver pages of materials to be used with costs and detailed specifications of the work to be done. along with drawing to make the entire project more understandable. 

Most importantly, I stay with the project to the end.  Maybe not there every day but always available for consultation via phone ,text or e-mail

I work with the contractor on your project and deliver drawings and details so as to keep them moving with all decisions made in advance as much as possible.  The detailed drawings, lighting plans and specification pages will also allow him to give you a more accurate estimate of project cost.  

For The Contractor

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Remodeling and Home Design

The Designer

Personalization and Customization comes from working with a professional who listens and contributes to a design. A room design is a collaboration of client wants and needs along with a designers expertise and experience in the field. With over 30 years in the field, my training comes from the best in the industry both in the United States and Europe. I trained under Chabert Duval in Cherlan Sur San, France. I bring innovation and creativity to each room as well as excitement  and organization to the process.  My drawings are done by hand. Illustrated with details and easy to understand. Much attention to detail

For My Clients